A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ever End is an episodic motion comic and action game hybrid, featuring an action-packed coming of age story with a flashy visual direction.

The project is currently on an indefinite hiatus, so the development prospects of future chapters is currently unknown. 


You play as End, a young soldier who is dead set on saving her sister from an unfortunate fate. In Chapter 0, you follow End's childhood, as she and her sister, Zero, discover their psychic powers. How will these two naive kids approach these reality-bending powers? Are they safe to use, or do they carry an unforeseen cost? And what dark secrets lie beneath the surface of their everyday life?


Gameplay consists of narrative-focused Story segments and intense action Battles. Experience the story of Ever End through dynamic animated visuals resembling comic panels. And when things heat up, a battle unfolds! Fight by dodging the incoming enemy attacks, reading their movements, and striking back when the time is right. This hand-drawn animated battle system will test your timing and reaction skills to the limit!

About Us

Ever End is being developed by Team Amaranthine, an indie team of game student graduates from Uppsala University working on the game in our free time. For us, Ever End is both a passion project as well as an attempt to break the ice with the industry. This is our first major release and there has been a lot of trial and error getting this far. And with that said, we all at the team hope that you enjoy Ever End Chapter 0!

What's next?

The team is currently on an indefinite hiatus and as such, the game is currently not in active development. We've closed our Patreon for the time being. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and the Ever End project!

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